85 Living Room Decorating Ideas

30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021

The living room interior is based on the contrast between colors and between styles to achieve and suggest the constant balance between the inner and outer worlds. The decorating options are wide and we are here to show you the most attractive ones that will put an accent to that part of the living room. If you think that hanging a canvas is the only way to decorate it, you are wrong. You can put an emphasis on the relaxing area in a different and eye-catching manner. Nevertheless, the sofa won’t stand out from the interior if the wall above it is not decorated properly. Chevron panel arts are not just for rustic tones but also for perfect for a simple boho look.

  • Balance out the green by incorporating two shades, as she did with the sofa and wall color.
  • In this living room, green leather chairs offer a modern touch.
  • Tucked into a corner of the living room and paired with a set of nesting tables, the chair is a perfect spot for reading.
  • Benches are an ideal shape and depth for placing behind a sofa.
  • Three layers of glass bulbs are hanging in one corner and very big crystal vase is highlighting the room.
  • Materials that connect to your location are key to adding character.

This living room, designed by Emilie Munroe of Studio Munroe, features both symmetry and balance. Two oversized lounge chairs flank the fireplace, creating the ideal conversation spot for a busy couple with a few moments to catch up.

Symmetry Framing Display and Wild Wreath

Bring a light and loving atmosphere that your guests will enjoy with pink furniture and walls. Use a lighter shade for the walls and a darker hue for the couches, stools and tables. Transform your area with a rustic-modern appeal using wood beam ceilings, a stone fireplace and crisp white furniture.

The frame is topped with a tousled wreath that ties into the farmhouse coffee table centerpiece’s potted tree and miniature trees dotting the upper shelf. The upper shelf makes excellent use of otherwise unused space, incorporating vintage pieces like glass jars and books. This entire guest room was designed around an elegant antique sofa that was picked up for a mere $30!

Hang one large piece of art on the blank wall behind the sofa.

You can build around it for the other fixtures or make it the cherry on top to give away the design or theme that you are going for. This room is definitely a nautical/coastal, 30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021 chic design living room fit for a suburban home. And if you have more space over the sofa to cover, do not hesitate to put in more grids…say six or in this case, twelve.

30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021

The key here is to look for pieces that don’t have a lot of depth so they won’t infringe on the space out over the sofa. Place the pieces on the ground in front of the wall and play around with the arrangement until you find one that satisfies you. In the living room of Micky Hurley’s Paris apartment, a collection of 12 marble Caesar https://wave-accounting.net/ intaglios mingles with treasured oil paintings from Hurley’s ancestors. A pair of stamped Louis XV fauteuils from Greta Garbo’s estate flanks a tufted sofa found at Bonhams. Lacquered green walls and vivid dragon-print draperies usher guests in to converse and relax in this jubilant New York living room by Chiqui Woolworth.

Hang a large mirror behind the sofa.

If you have a high ceiling, you may want to try a simple trick to cozy up your room. If you paint the ceiling a shade or two or even several shades darker than your walls (or use paneling!), your ceiling won’t seem as tall and your room might feel more snug and cozy. Don’t hang a large mirror over a sofa simply because it’s an empty space and you happen to have one. That said, you can certainly hang a series of small mirrors together over a sofa to create a gallery feel. Like with any photo wall, treat them as one unit when deciding on placement and carefully consider size, shape, and the finish of the frames. Remember, when hanging pieces to create a gallery wall, all of the items together will act as one unit. It’s always best to plan this type of display before you start hanging.

30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021

To create height, a “Gather” sign of the same width is hung above the shelf. The adjacent wall also features vintage décor—an artful arrangement of books that mirror the soft earthy color palette the rest of the room embraces. Maybe it’s the personal touch or the feeling of permanence, but there’s just something about wall décor that instantly makes a space feel homier, particularly hanging wall décor above couches. Add an easy pop of color with a bright chair, just as blogger Oh Joy!

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