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As our world becomes more dependent on technology, the need for cybersecurity experts will continue to rise. People with a cybersecurity background often work for a business or government agency.

  • Covering traditional topics such as programming and database design to cutting edge technologies like virtual reality and AI.
  • Human resource departments have existed for more than a century, and some would argue even longer than that.
  • All universities and colleges will have support staff to help you with practical problems such as issues or personal problems.
  • A web developer is a skilled programmer who is tasked with the planning, coding and functionality of a website and web applications.
  • After graduating, consider gaining some highly-regarded industry certifications, such as those from non-profit industry bodies like CompTIA and 2, which demonstrate your technical skills to potential employers.

They can also show their creative arts, and turn their passion into a gainful career. Graduates in architecture have access to a variety of employment options and are well compensated for their work. According to statistics from 2017, an architect makes about £30,000 annually five years after graduating. Since their value to a corporation is immeasurable, economists are among the highest paid workers.

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Due to high profile hackings and the explosion of customer data Cyber Security skills are a massive growth sector, making it a Top 10 skill to have for 2019. Since its transformation, Cloud Services have been increasing in demand and are one of the top 10 skills to have for 2019. Competing Cloud services such as AWS and Azure are hot skills and large-scale Cloud projects are still evolving. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are one of the most innovative fields in tech and the growth in these roles is triple digit. We all know you need to learn new skills as your career progresses – however, as a general tip, it’s far better to acquire new skills before you apply for a new job or position. That way you’re ready to do the job from day one – and your employer won’t have to train you. A degree in Computing and Information Technology, IT architecture is generally required for a role as Solutions Architect.

Nothing embeds learning more efficiently than putting your knowledge to practical use. Look for opportunities at work or in your personal life to put your new-found skills to use. Speak to your manager to see what opportunities are available to apply your IT skills.


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Data science careers are consistently at the top of “top jobs of the future” lists. People hoping to break into this career typically have a passion for computers, math, and data analysis. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the demand for knowledgeable data science skills will increase employment in this field by 27.9 percent through 2026. Nearly every industry uses data science to analyze big data, improve their business, and better serve their customers. While data gathering may become automated in the next few years, there’s still a need for experts who understand the data, can find a data-driven solution and put that solution into action. The demand for data scientists is on the rise and a top degree for our technology-driven society. Tons of jobs are on the horizon for business graduates with roles being available in finance, marketing, project management, human resources, logistics, sales, and economics.

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