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We reached out to Existek looking for the provider who’d be able to solve some specific technical challenges. Leveraging their excellent technical expertise they have developed solution that added value to our products. Considering our outstanding overall experience, I recommend Existek for anybody who is looking for the reliable outsourcing services provider. We have already decided to select Existek as the outsourcing partner for next engagements. We guarantee that your hired offshore software specialists won’t go anywhere until they finish their job and report everything on the agenda. Moreover, if you enjoy working with specific specialists, you can always offer your favorite employees to do more work for you (e.g., stay for further maintenance and support of the developed and finished product).

  • Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO certifications that support the maturity of our quality management system, guarantee full security of customer data, and prove ScienceSoft’s expertise in testing medical devices and SaMD.
  • You will save a lot of money that you can invest on other necessary expenses.
  • In 2010, a group of manufacturers started the Reshoring Initiative, focusing on bringing manufacturing jobs for American companies back to the country.
  • Learn about the current competition, and check what your competitors are doing, which technologies they are using, and which aspects of their products are being appreciated by the customers.
  • We contracted ScienceSoft to provide QA for a major Augmented Reality installation project, after extensive research, and we’re really happy with our decision.
  • We will be glad to answer all your questions as well as estimate any project of yours.

Take into consideration your desired delivery dates and how the software outsourcing company will boost efficiency in this process. With the right offshore software development company by your side, the possibilities are endless. Make sure your offshore partner has a project manager responsible for communication and coordination between your team and the offshore development team. The project manager should have experience working with similar projects and be able to provide regular updates on the project’s progress. Since the world is now more connected than ever, businesses can tap into a global talent pool by partnering with offshore software development firms. The ease of doing business with the best developers in the world, no matter where they are located, has helped many startups attain their business goals.

Hire a dedicated team of Offshore Developers

This company can be the outsourcing software development company for any business as it offers top-notch solutions with the use of some of the popular technologies. Basically, this means hiring an off-site and remote team to work together on a software development project. This can be used for a variety of tasks that range from basic coding to the development of custom software, web, and mobile applications, as well as software support and maintenance. We are an award-winning and trusted ISO-certified company that lets you hire developers in India as per the industry type of your organization. Established in 2004, our leading white-label software development company has serviced 6800+ customers from 38+ countries.

By using automation and continuous delivery, an offshore development team can help speed up the software development process. This means that you can get your product to market faster, which can give you a competitive advantage. These tools are highly useful to maintain an organized and cohesive workflow. With an increase in collaboration with offshore development teams also comes an improvement in digital solutions.

Why to choose HunterTech Offshore Software Development Company?

The experts at Cuelogic help companies to create software that can build a digital transformation for their businesses. The teams at this firm are trusted by global organizations which include fortune 500 companies too. This software development outsourcing company delivers software at a greater velocity with the help of robust infrastructures and architectures. And when any firm decides to create a new product, there are many things that need to be taken care of and for this, offshore software development can be the best option. Offshore software development companies can make things simple for businesses and can easily manage their projects. Because of the different time zones, businesses might face some issues but these days, with the advancement in technology and remote team management tools, handling the workflow and collaborating with the hired company can be easy.

offshore software development company

BPO can help your business remain competitive and efficient by leveraging the expertise of other companies that are more specialized in certain functions. While much of this work is the “bread and butter” of specialized departments within advertising agencies, sometimes specialist are used, such as when The Guardian outsourced most of its marketing design in May 2010. The Print Services & Distribution Association was formed in 1946, and its members provide services that today might involve the word outsource.

Our Offshore Software Development Company Service

South Korea requires giving digital service even when “the user refuses to give permission for data or functions that are not necessary to the provision of the service”. In 2017, in India, the BPO industry generated US$30 billion in revenue according to the national industry association. The BPO industry is a small segment of the total outsourcing industry in India. One estimate of the worldwide BPO market from the BPO Services Global Industry Almanac 2017, puts the size of the industry in 2016 at about US$140 billion.

ScienceSoft performed functional testing of Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM software and helped launch a highly competitive customer and vehicle relationship system for the automotive industry. We use multiple internal security measures, such as VPNs, SSL certificates, and encryption protocols, to guarantee the safety of the data we access. Once you’ve chosen a company, communicate your project requirements and have a contract outlining the scope of work and payment terms. Offshore software development has become increasingly popular because it offers many advantages.

offshore software development company

Another reason for a decrease in outsourcing is that many jobs that were subcontracted abroad have been replaced by technological advances. This contrasts with an “all in-the-cloud” service scenario, where the identity service is built, hosted and operated by the service provider in an externally hosted, cloud computing infrastructure. While U.S. companies do not outsource to reduce high top level executive or managerial costs, they primarily outsource to reduce peripheral and “non-core” business expenses.

You will save a lot of money that you can invest on other necessary expenses. The cost of an offshore developer is much lower than investing in-house developers. Rushkar offers long-term and dependable partnerships and get creative ideas into life easily and efficiently by creating real-world applications. Being a leading software development company, we can take complete care of your business needs. More than 25+ years of experience in offering offshore software development services to global brands.

Our core technologies

This require web based solutions complying with appropriate aesthetics, content, compatibility and interactivity with the users. A smart web based solution should aim at extending your business along with a strong identity. Your business solutions also have to be updated from time to time for the changes complying with the latest software’s, techniques and methods. Proper documentation speeds up any process and makes everything much more transparent. Based on your needs, your offshore team will help you choose the best solution to achieve your goals on-time and cost-efficiently.

Offshore Dedicated Team for Startup in Chicago: What is it and Why Do You Need It? – UrbanMatter

Offshore Dedicated Team for Startup in Chicago: What is it and Why Do You Need It?.

Posted: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 17:55:07 GMT [source]

An offshore software development company follows a simple process of using its services to provide perfect solutions to businesses located in remote locations. The offshore outsourcing companies develop software that is created using the latest techniques and technologies for the betterment of the client’s businesses. Offshore software development has become more than a trend in today’s business. Companies are looking for offshore software development partners to cut the projects’ costs or fill in the expertise gap created by their in-house development teams. What is more, 78% percent of companies opting for offshore software development services have testified to be completely satisfied with the services they received. Investing in an offshore software development company like Velocity Works, we can help accelerate your projects by jumping in with our own team of skilled developers and engineers.


The team managed to adapt to changing requirements and to provide me with best solutions. We have worked with Belitsoft team over the past few years on projects involving much customized programming work. They are knowledgeable and are able to complete tasks on schedule, meeting our technical requirements. We would recommend them to anyone who is in need of custom programming work. Businesses struggle to find specialists in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, or IoT.

offshore software development company

That is exactly why we decided to introduce offshore hiring opportunities in the first place. This allows us to give you some of the most reasonable rates out there while you hire truly seasoned niche professionals who may as well outrun their Western counterparts. Specialized professionals from our talent pool are ready to jump into your project workflow at once. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a running project, a half-finished thing abandoned by your former employees that needs revamping, or a project that needs to be kicked off and launched. We have fitting candidates for any scenario and can be quite flexible to meet your requirements and goals. Retail We have experience in delivering software solutions for world-leading retailers.

We are here to provide you with recommendations based on current market trends and changing scenarios. We offer best technical assistance, leveraging advanced technology, thus creating accessible and consistent business applications. Lastly, once the candidates are filtered out, interviewed, and selected, we can start officially introducing your new employees to your project.

Test management and defect tracking software

Outsourcing offshore development services can be highly beneficial as it offers access to a vast software engineering talent pool that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Your business can thus take advantage of a broad set of specialists that go beyond your in-house team. Whenever each development stage is completed, you can experience an increase in productivity. This saves a lot of time and it is necessary to deal with multiple tasks at the same time. But, with the help of an offshore software development company, you can concentrate on other tasks and get over the burden.

Security is always a concern when working with an offshore software development vendor. Be sure to ask about the vendor’s security procedures and ensure they’re comfortable sharing sensitive information with you. Offshoring software development can sometimes be more expensive than expected due to a number of factors, including poor project management and unforeseen technical difficulties. The quality of the software delivered by an offshore team may be lower than expected due to language barriers or a lack of understanding of the client’s business and requirements. At Semaphore, you can get skilled professionals with years of experience into developing software. Along with the time we have upgraded ourselves to the latest technologies and have successfully completed 4000+ projects of different industries and companies.

Companies such as ET Water Systems , GE Appliances and Caterpillar found that with the increase of labor costs in Japan and China, the cost of shipping and custom fees, it cost only about 10% more to manufacture in America. Advances in technology and automation such as 3D printing technologies have made bringing manufacturing back to the United States, both cost effective and possible. Adidas, for example, plans producing highly customized shoes with 3D printers in the U.S.

If you’re looking for the best offshore software development benefits, you should keep a few things in mind. Once you’ve found a few companies that seem promising, take the time to read their reviews and learn more about their services. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find the perfect company to help you with your software development needs. We have outlined the essential steps to take when considering offshore software development. Be sure to sign a contract with the offshore software development vendor that outlines the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and payment terms. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements down the road.

Be sure to compare the hourly rate and the cost of living in the country where the vendor is located. Sometimes, it might make more sense to pay slightly more per hour for a vendor located in a country with lower overall costs. Many startups face language and communication-related issues when offshoring software development. When dealing with a team in another country, it’s important to know if they read, write and speak your language. Significantly useful for startups, offshoring is more cost-effective than other software development options. It also provides flexibility in scheduling that you don’t get with other development methods.


Reusable test cases and automated test scripts that ensure optimal requirements coverage and high cost efficiency of testing. The team at ScienceSoft built a solid platform for stressing out servers, and it helped us uncover a variety of bugs and revisions that needed to built to our code. The team at ScienceSoft is professional and organized in every way possible.

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