What are Deep Tech and Artificial Intelligence?

Energy sector start-ups only attracted 1.29% of total CEE climate tech funding during the same period. According to Boston Consulting Group, the total investments in deep tech companies increased from $1.7 billion to $7.9 billion from 2011 through 2016. China acts as the main driver in deep tech investments with funding increasing 80% each year over that period compared to 10% each year in the US.

The Ecosystem: European Institute of Innovation and Technology outlines plan to reduce the skills gap – Science Business

The Ecosystem: European Institute of Innovation and Technology outlines plan to reduce the skills gap.

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As the article discusses below, there are some important differences between deep tech and tech, as well as important implications for the venture capital within the deep tech sector. Deep technology is the latest addition to the startup universe and to the world of innovative problem-solving. The term “Deep Tech” was coined by Swati Chaturvedi, the founder of the digital investment platform PropelX.

Wolves Summit Successfully Builds The Bridge Between CEE And Vienna, Austria

Climate tech investments in Central and Eastern Europe are rising rapidly, from US$10.6m in 2013 to US$398m in 2020, and over US$502m in the first half of 2021 alone. More than US$1.758 bn has been invested in climate tech in CEE between 2013 and the first half of 2021. The CEE region contributes to approximately 3.73% of all GHG emissions, but currently attracts only 0.79% Tech Trends of global climate tech investment. Mobility start-ups attract the most climate tech funding in CEE with 54.4% of the total in the last year. Start-ups in Estonia and Lithuania raised 83% of total climate tech investment in the region. Despite being the largest economy, Poland has raised only 4.65% of total climate tech funding in CEE between 2013 and the first half of 2021.

  • Are concerned about collaborating with urban planners and ecologists to launch innovative technologies that can meet this challenge.
  • There is currently a gap in the deeptech early-stage market in Quebec, largely due to the perceived risk of these companies.
  • The job of a venture capitalist is not to figure out which company has the best tech.
  • We provide a secure, scalable, and fast solution that helps thousands of researchers around the globe to discover new drugs and therapies.
  • Similarly, this also covers the aspect of reducing the environmental impact caused by disposable culture and consumerism.

To conclude with Deep Tech, we are not talking about a new product, but about new technology that can lead into a multitude of new products that are specifically created for their particular market use cases. Or in other words; great technology is the strongest foundation for a disruptive product. Even though mobile technologies and the IOT are only the beginning of this new revolution, they have dramatically changed the ways in which we work and live our everyday lives.

Both Market Risk and Technology Risk

Its technology analyzes large volumes of legal texts at high speed, saving firms in this field time and money. Aspects like 3D-printing, DNA sequencing, and computer-aided design all mean the test and prototype stages are more accessible and quicker than ever before. So in a sense, the more these deep tech platforms advance, the broader the possibilities for them become, and the quicker they’ll get to market.

what is DeepTech

For deep tech, the business starts with and circles around some sort of real innovative technology. Deep tech startups are likely to be based on artificial intelligence or machine learning, or other innovative applications to new or existing emerging technologies. Examples of deep tech might include AI applied to predict natural disasters or molecular imaging technologies that identify disease or predisposition to disease far before any other existing test possible could. The word doesn’t refer to innovation itself, but to a category of startup companies that develop new products based “on scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation”.

What is an Artificial Intelligence company?

They present challenges requiring lengthy research and development, and large capital investment before successful commercialization. Their primary risk is technical risk, while market risk is often significantly lower due to the clear potential value of the solution to society. The underlying scientific or engineering problems being solved by deep tech and hard tech companies generate valuable intellectual property and are hard to reproduce. Tech startups built on existing technologies often provide an online solution for an offline problem, while deep tech companies tackle more significant issues and bring advanced solutions to complex challenges affecting humanity. The term “deep tech” was coined by Swati Chaturvedi, the founder and CEO of the online investment platform Propel, which connects early stage Deep Tech with investors. Deep tech, or deep technology, refers to those startups whose business model is based on high tech innovation in engineering, or significant scientific advances.

what is DeepTech

Pimloc provides specialist deep learning services for video security and data privacy applications and has developed a world leading platform for the ingestion, detection, classification, and protection of image and video content. Dispatches Europe is a communications company and digital media platform for English-speaking expats in Europe. Cheryl is also head of Marketing Communications for HighTechXL, deep-tech venture builder based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Cheryl moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands in 2016 and immediately embedded in the Eindhoven tech ecosystem, meeting many inspiring “deep-tech” women. Cheryl was active in the 100 Wise Women and Women 4 Women communities in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and is excited to join the planning team for Inspiring 50 Deep-Tech Edition Benelux+. Think of female founders of deep-tech startups and scale-ups, women involved in deep-tech research at universities or policymakers in government agencies or non-profits.

Researchers reveal key developmental difference between the brains of modern humans and Neandertals

However, the innovative deliverables of deep tech are often radical and can either create new markets or disrupt the existing ones, thus significantly impacting everyday life. In this way, general system processes can now act to scale alongside the quantum entanglement performed by quantum computing. In laymen’s terms, computers will now operate in swift concise manners, bearing more resemblance to brains than their bulkier and older counterparts.

Porotech is revolutionizing the semiconducting industry thanks to its multifunctional GaN semiconductor wafers. Their proprietary technology and unique production process allow for the creation of porous semiconductor materials and structures with enhanced behavior. GaN has important photonic properties which allow it to be used in LEDs and microLEDS, as well as energy efficient properties which have important applications in RF and power devices. Nikki manages all operations, including events and scouting cofounders and team members for deep-tech ventures. She played handball for the Dutch National team and as a coach she went to the Youth Olympics games with the national team U17, so she is no stranger to hard work and competition. Nikki wants to shine the spotlight on other inspiring women in the deep-tech sector and is happy to work on the Inspiring 50 Deep-Tech Edition event in December.

what is DeepTech

Indoo.rs creates advanced indoor mapping, localization, and routing technology as well as an SDK for developers and device manufacturers. They allow end-users to accurately locate themselves and others inside buildings, such as an airport, shopping mall or exhibition center, using mobile devices. The company has developed various products for navigation, proximity, and asset tracking as well as navigations solutions for visually impaired people. Stateless was founded in 2016 with a vision to fundamentally re-think the architecture of network devices to meet today’s “as a service” demands. The company has developed first of its kind technology to allow network functions like firewalls and load balancers to be easily offered and consumed through the “as a service” model.

What Is Deep Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future

Deep tech innovations have been widely applied and improved under the demands of various megatrends (i.e., demographic shifts, global climate change, resource scarcity, and more) and notable scientific progress across different industries. With more and more cutting-edge innovations evolving, many enterprises today have shifted their focus to addressing various societal and environmental problems at the world level. This process immediately led to the emergence of a brand new tech-based industry with vast potential – deep tech. Because deep tech is much more niche, it needs individuals with more technical skills. Usually, these employees have an engineering or computer science background as opposed to a business degree. Due to more technical expertise, the hiring pool for deep tech business has shrunk significantly, and even become constraining in some fields.

Another emerging challenge for deep tech, which is caused by an increasing population, is infrastructure development, maintenance, and optimization. This scope includes transport networks, housing, https://globalcloudteam.com/ sewers, power plants and supplies, and other subjects of humanity’s good. Similarly, this also covers the aspect of reducing the environmental impact caused by disposable culture and consumerism.

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Entrepreneurs work with DoD lab inventors, mentors and subject matter experts from the Government and private sectors, and world class instructors to assess the market viability and the potential to commercialize DoD lab technologies. Deep tech is important because it has the potential to solve some of society’s most pressing problems. Deep tech startups are often founded by individuals who have specialist knowledge in the field, which gives them a competitive advantage. Australia is on the back-foot as the country has not adequately invested in making and supporting deep-technology adaptation. Many experts point to this being evidenced by the investment marketing statistics.

Core team

Our goal is to provide investors from all corners of the world with eyes on the deeptech market in Quebec. We believe that our role is to connect these global investors to the best possible opportunities here, and that this approach will be a key catalyst for growth of the businesses that we support. Our approach to de-risking our investments is to start conversations with later-stage investors earlier. This allows us to better understand which companies are more likely to be able to raise capital later down the line and continue growing. This approach also provides later-stage investors with a first look at potentially interesting companies to track.

However, it’s important to admit that this field is now in its early stages of evolution, which makes its development perspectives extremely vague. For instance, promising startups within the target industry are now widely exploiting big data, blockchain, and biotech solutions to empower farming systems with predictive capabilities. Thus, farmers can analyze the soils, define the best crops for certain areas, and predict the yields and harvests with better efficiency for their businesses and society’s welfare.

Use of Big Data in Insurance

The DeepTech Insider is the leading provider of news and information on the deep tech industry. Methodologies and apparatuses that could be classified as Deep Tech are quantum sciences, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Our philosophy is to research, curate, and provide the best startup feeds and resources to help you succeed in your venture. We are currently ranked as the 13th best startup website in the world and are paving our way to the top. Aashish has worked with over 20 startups and successfully helped them ideate, raise money, and succeed. AI refers to the simulation of human-like intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and perform tasks that used to be the exclusive purview of humans.

The below schematic from Neota Logic shows the fields of specialisation within AI. For example, machine learning is a more narrowly defined specialisation within AI (where algorithms learn themselves, without needing to be literally 100% pre-programmed). For example, natural language processing, vision, and speech recognition all make frequent use of machine learning. The biggest risk to Deep Tech companies is getting over-excited by technological innovation at the cost of seeing whether the new technology is creating any actual value. Harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products to improve our lives and the health of the planet.

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From there, we ensure your company is set up for success on day one of our partnership. All levels of support to either compliment your in-house IT team or be your integrated partner. Latitude IT is a recruitment agency that focuses on the core areas of digital and IT recruitment for permanent and contract employees. Any technology that is used to save lives or help any individual that is suffering from a wide range of conditions. Another essential area that requires optimization due to the increasing demand is the energy market.

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