Best Replacement Windows for Your Home Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you just want to know process running and threads under each process, I recommend learning about wmic. It is a wonderful command-line tool, which gives you much more than you can know. After executing this command in the Windows command line prompt , select the pid which I think the last column. Make sure “Show processes from all users” is selected. This is according to me the best option, especially since all processes are in the same list and you can close processes directly by right-clicking them. Shows the RTM version of Windows 11 despite having applied servicing updates.

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  • While the screen resolution leaves much to be desired, Safe Mode provides the perfect means to carry out a range of troubleshooting activities on your computer.
  • Depending on the type of CD/DVD burner you have, this could be anywhere from 4x to 48x.

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How to exit Safe Mode on a Windows PC or Mac

I’ve been using a Firefox extension that does the same thing for several months. Another interface feature I’ve come to cherish is File Explorer’s Quick Access section. This lets you easily find whatever file you were last working on regardless of the application you were using.

Luckily, there aren’t many options as Windows has released a limited amount of new versions to the system. You’ll be able to identify yours within minutes by using our guide. Version.The version number gives you the best information on what version of Windows 10 you’re running. The number is based on the date of the most recent large build release and uses a YYMM format. For example, in the screenshot above, the “1607” version tells us that the version we’re running is from the 7th month of 2016. The Fall Creators Update was released in September of 2017, so it’s version 1709.

On a Mac (OS X >10. :

I downloaded the zipped version so it does not need installing. To find DVD software that comes with your computer, click the Start button, then select All Apps. Scroll through the list of installed applications and look for a DVD-playing program. The Windows DVD Player enables Windows 11 PCs with an optical disc drive to play DVD movies (but oficial site not Blu-ray discs).

User interface and desktop

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