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Developers no longer need to use Java, an established language, but with a lot of issues. Even though some of the problems were solved in Java 8 what is Kotlin and further addressed in Java 9 and Java 10, its popularity has wavered. Thanks to the acknowledgement from Google, it gained wide recognition.

What is Kotlin

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In Kotlin, functions may be declared at top level in a file, locally inside other functions, as a member function inside a class or object, and as an extension function. Extension functions provide the C#-like ability to extend a class with new functionality without having to inherit from the class or use any type of design pattern such as Decorator. As shown in the above figure, you can either use Eclipse or IntelliJ or Android Studio to develop applications.

Java compiles 10-15% faster than its counter partner in clean builds. Still, in incremental compilations when only code with modifications is compiled, no the whole build, Kotlin performs slightly better. Generally, Kotlin is better equipped to handle functional programming. When it comes to performance, Kotlin runs as fast as Java. However, the support of inline functions and the use of lambdas allows developers to create applications that ran faster as compared with the same Java code. There is no doubt that Kotlin is a very interesting programming language aiming to solve problems in different domains.

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Moreover, Kotlin supports designated properties—and it has relaxed Java’s requirement. In a Kotlin function, a return value depends on the requirement. If the function does not return its value, its type is unit. That means the unit-returning function contains a single value.

At least one of the datapoints contained must be a parameter. An Android developer might choose Java over Kotlin if they are new to Android software development. Historically, most examples of Android documentation are in Java.

Q3: What is the basic concept of Kotlin?

However, Kotlin is versatile, and you can perform any development using it. Up until May 2017, the only officially supported programming languages for Android were Java and C++. Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android at Google I/O 2017, and starting with Android Studio 3.0Kotlin is built into the Android development toolset. Kotlin can be added to earlier versions of Android Studio with a plug-in. Kotlin has classes with constructors, along with nested, inner, and anonymous inner classes, and it has interfaces like Java 8.

What is Kotlin

It is used by people in server-side applications, java scripts, and data science. Kotlin is a concise coding language, which benefits an entire project in the long run. Not only does it mean it takes the developers less time to write but also, very importantly, less time to read and review, which makes the development process faster and more efficient. Though it’s a less common usage of the language than mobile app development solutions for Android, Kotlin is a great choice for backend application development. It allows for building scalable, fast applications able to handle thousands of users.

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Kotlin is a modern programming language that can run side by side with Java while being easier to write. If you want to develop Android apps or multi-platform applications with the JVM, you can do it quicker and simpler with Kotlin than with Java. Kotlin Multi-platform Mobile is intended to be a software development kit for creating cross-platform https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ mobile applications. This means that from one Kotlin code base, you’ll be able to compile apps that run on not just Android phones but also iPhones and the Apple Watch. This project is currently in the alpha stage but has a lot of promise. Kotlin is designed to run on a Java Virtual Machine and can run side by side with Java.

  • Interoperability is probably one of the most attractive features of the Kotlin programming language.
  • For example, a sealed class in a compiled jar file cannot be subclassed.
  • Kotlin has several important features, but we’ve listed some of the most important ones below.
  • It makes sense to use Kotlin for server-side web development.
  • Kotlin is a cross-platform and statically typed programming language that is gaining popularity.

Because Kotlin notebooks adhere to the universal Jupyter format, they can be easily distributed using any notebook web viewer. Once created, the notebook contains only the first empty cell. Cells are the main building blocks of notebooks, and they can contain either code or text. To run a code cell, you can simply select it and then click the Run button or use the Shift + Enter shortcut. The code will be executed, and any output or errors will be displayed below the cell. A notebook is an interactive tool that allows you to combine code, visualizations, and text in a single document.

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New experimental functions for JVM, Improved kotlin-reflect performance, New -Xdebug compiler option, and more. We encourage all library authors to share their integrations in the common registry so they’re available to all Kotlin Notebook users. We’re especially thrilled to see that some libraries are already benefiting from this approach. It is possible to use classes and other entities from the project itself within the notebook.

In fact, 66% of developers say that they are using Kotlin for Android development. The combination of powerful features with clean code makes programmers from different industries turn their attention to Kotlin. One thing worth noting is that Kotlin is more type-safe than Java. So, you can be more adaptable when developing apps—and not need to worry about as many possible risks.

Java: a brief overview

By default, the Kotlin/JVM compiler produces Java 8 compatible bytecode. If you want to make use of optimizations available in newer versions of Java, you can explicitly specify the target Java version from 9 to 20. Note that in this case the resulting bytecode might not run on lower versions. Starting with Kotlin 1.5, the compiler does not support producing bytecode compatible with Java versions below 8. It compiles Kotlin to native code that can run without a VM. You can try it on popular desktop and mobile platforms and even some IoT devices.

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