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Physical dependence relates to when your body has become used to having drugs, and therefore you need to take drugs to even feel normal. For example, if you have an addiction to a depressant like alcohol, you may feel restless, agitated, or have tremors when you do not drink. Some substances, like opioids, can cause sweating or nausea during withdrawal. Withdrawal from cocaine and marijuana often produces emotional symptoms, ranging from irritability to depression.

  • Having a peer support group will not only provide accountability and encouragement, but it will also give you the chance to help others in their sobriety journey as well.
  • Those who are in stable recovery may attend therapy less frequently.
  • While AA is a great program and has helped many people achieve long-term sobriety, it might not be the right group for everyone.

Our goal at Recovery Works is to help our clients and their families navigate the changes and challenges that come with recovery. We recognize that family and friends need support as much as the individual seeking treatment. We offer two nights per week where family and friends can learn, meet others, and discuss their concerns with others who have traveled the same path. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a free international program for individuals recovering from alcohol use disorder. There are a variety of meetings available in every city at different times, making AA easily accessible for many. Support groups offer many benefits to recovering addicts, from accountability to community.

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery)

Lots of little victories in adhering to a schedule can help you feel in control and accomplished. These positive feelings can help tremendously when you’re experiencing a new level of vulnerability and giving up substances you may have relied on to mask or forget self-esteem issues.
A comprehensive list of available 12-step programs as well as the tools to identify the most appropriate.

rehab treatment for addiction focuses on learning how to create structure in your life

Alternatively, self-guided recovery does come with potential drawbacks. It may not work for individuals with a moderate to severe addiction or those who lack the motivation and drive to stick to their recovery plan. There are many reasons why inpatient treatment might be the right choice for you or your loved one. You and your family members can work through feelings about your addiction through family counseling.

It Can Improve Your Physical Health

When a person is experiencing an addiction that he or she is striving to conquer, it’s much more paramount to have a shoulder to lean on and cry on. Rehab programs can provide recovering alcoholics with a community of counselors, fellow recovering individuals, and staff. Other
coexisting medical and psychiatric conditions can also complicate treatment and
compromise elderly patients’ ability to comply with recommended regimens.

Without the strong bonds of a community, it can seem almost impossible to recover from alcohol addiction. There are numerous benefits to attending alcohol rehab centers in Maine. Completing specialized treatment is only the beginning of the patient’s recovery

Addiction Treatment Services

Alcohol, weapons, drug paraphernalia, and prohibited prescriptions are not allowed in our treatment center. By engaging with their peers in a recovery community, clients can share their triumphs with others and build a lasting foundation of support for their future sobriety. Your recovery journey begins the moment you walk into our luxurious residential facility.

Why is structure important in rehab?

Structure and routine are key components of a successful recovery from a substance use disorder. Without a healthy routine to follow, it can be easy to fall back into old habits and a dysfunctional lifestyle. Recovery from an addiction can provide the perfect opportunity to reset other areas of your life, as well.

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